About Basma Al Sulaiman

As a child, I felt connected to the aesthetic, drawn in by visual expressions of beauty. This interest continued to grow inside of me until art became a signi cant xture in my life. However, back then I could not translate my passion into something tangible.

When I was older, fueled by this love of art, I began to visit museums and galleries. Those experiences ignited in me an intense desire to learn and be part of that rich, abundant world of artistic creation. I was keen to dedicate my life to developing my artistic vision, so I acquired a university art degree.

Throughout my studies, I came to realise that art is a window to another culture, another time, to other dreams and hopes, and to the challenges other people face. I also realized that art is often linked in people’s minds with the wealthy and elite members of society. This did not t with what I had always believed: that art is for everybody. If anything, this motivated me to nd a way forward. I wanted to invite the whole world into the realm of art and give everyone the opportunity to fall in love with it, like I did. It grieved me to know that so many people were precluded from this treasury of hope translated through beauty. I wanted people to relate to artists, and to see their work as a place to nd inspiration and comfort.

It was with this towering goal in mind that I created Basmoca Art. I feel inspired to give back to the communi ty that has nurtured me, so I am building a bridge between art and its admirers, taking them on a ride to an unknown territory to enjoy the transformative power of art. What’s more, I want to introduce the world to the majestic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a kingdom lled to the brim with heritage, creativity, and talent that so few have truly experienced. I want to break down the barriers between eastern and western art and give them an opportunity to know each other.

Through Basmoca Art, I plan to share with all people, no matter where they are from, the joy and delight that art has brought me. I plan to do this through world class media productions, entertaining animations, and informative posts. I feel very privileged to have been exposed to the art world throughout my life, and I am interested in passing on what I have learned to you!


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