BASMOCA is a Metaverse, based on Virtual Worlds Technology, in which people interact in a 3D cyberspace that uses the metaphor of the real world but without its physical limitations.

It is a museum, but so much more than that; it is a place where people anywhere in the world can come together, in Avatar form, to look at art and exchange ideas and information, in a real life setting, regardless of age, gender, ethnic, cultural or socio-economic identities.

In a time of myriad barriers and boundaries, virtual worlds are a tool with which to disseminate art and culture. BASMOCA uses cutting-edge technology to bring a contemporary art collection into the minds and the lives of as many people as are interested and inspired to explore this new space.

To augment people’s physical wants with such virtual riches is a way for us to discover what we really need, what feeds our hearts and our minds. If we want to look at and think about art, and for that experience to be as real as possible but without the difficulties imposed by time and geographical location, we can now do so. This is a new place to be, a revolutionary mode of thought and existence,  that frees us from our everyday limitations.

The BASMOCA virtual gallery is a pioneering example of using this technology, efficiently and effectively, to disseminate art and culture.


It is the only Virtual Gallery of its kind to showcase a real-life collection.


Owner and Founder: Basma Al Sulaiman
Curator: Basma Al Sulaiman
Business Development: Victoria Poniatowski
Art Critic and Writer: Rebecca Tanqueray
Website design: White Feather Technologies S.L.
Virtual Museum Development: White Feather Technologies S.L.